Compassionate MIND network

Hi there!

Do you believe in the power of compassion?

Do you want to become involved in an active network sharing compassion?

Then join the Compassionate MIND network!


While organizing the MIND Conference, we have met so many wonderful people who are already bringing more COMPASSION into SOCIETY. It would be so inspiring if we come together and JOIN FORCES to actually bring about a LOCAL and GLOBAL CHANGE towards more compassion. Therefore we decided to start the Compassionate MIND Network, an PLATFORM bringing together change-makers who believe in the GOOD heart of people, which will continue to exist INDEPENDENTLY from the MIND Conference.

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Becoming part of the MIND Network can support you to cultivate your POTENTIAL for goodness, learn how to make it a DRIVING FORCE in whatever you are doing and thereby make an IMPACT in society. During the MIND Conference and regular MEETUPS Compassionate MINDs come together for a drink, a good talk and great IDEAS.


  • Meet like-minded people
  • Hear about inspiring initiatives from others and work together
  • Be part of a pioneering dynamic compassion network
  • Have a greater voice of compassion and a bigger impact through this network
  • Be the first to be invited to dynamic, inspiring MIND Meetups
  • Get opportunities to cultivate compassion in your own mind and heart
  • Meet organizations that have compassion at the core of their business strategy
  • Your name and photo published on the MIND Conference website


  • Share your stories as an inspiration for others
  • Send opportunities to fellow MINDs
  • Spread the warmth of compassion
  • Bring other Compassionate MINDs into the Network
  • Be self-compassionate
  • Follow your heart 



The steps of becoming part of the Compassionate MIND Network

  1. Fill out the online application form
  2. Sign the Charter of Compassion (optional) and become part of the international movement
  3. Congratulations! You are a part of the Compassionate MIND Network!
  4. Join our facebook Group!
  5. Share a picture and story about compassion with us to spread the movement of compassion on our website and MIND Conference page.
  6. See you at the first MIND meetup to share your ideas, suggestions and vision on how we can make the MIND network grow and flourish! You will receive an email with the exact date and location soon!

Join the Compassionate MIND Network



The following people are already part of the Compassionate MIND Network. Become one of them.

Carla Ott, Student

Carla Ott

Ina Schebler, Student

Ina Schebler

Yara Vrolijks

Yara Vrolijks

Vera Vrijmoeth, Student

Vera Vrijmoeth

Sanne Gommers, Student

Sanne Gommers

Zinzi Mangera-Lankew, Student

Zinzi Mangera-Lakew

Clarie Duin, Student

Clarie Duin

Noêma Celeste Neijboer

Noêma Celeste Neijboer

Anna Huysse

Anna Huysse

Gitta van Haagen - PRI therapist

Gitta van Haagen

Douglas Roy

Douglas Roy

Thekla van Middendorp

Thekla van Middendorp




Theo Niessen

Sascha Wijnhoven

Maureen Cooper

Sjir Hoeijmakers


Jesse van Delft

Mind conference

Katharina Prasse


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