Marieke van Vugt


Marieke van Vugt


Marieke van Vugt is an assistant professor at the Department of Artificial Intelligence (ALICE) at the University of Groningen. She obtained her PhD in neuroscience on the role of brain oscillations in recognition memory with Dr. Michael Kahana at the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. Her postdoctoral research focused on the neural correlates of decision making with Dr. Jonathan Cohen at Princeton University before starting her own group in Groningen in 2010.

Her research focuses on dissecting the fundamental cognitive operations and neural processes involved in making decisions, and on how our decisions are affected by meditation practice. She has developed a unique approach to studying meditation by using computational models of cognition. She is also a serious practitioner of meditation herself.



November 28, 2015
From mindfulness to compassion – A neuroscientific perspective
10:40  -  11:15
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