Koen Wessels and Sietse de Kok

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Koen Wessels and Sietse de Kok

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Koen Wessels & Sietse de Kok are co-founders of De Bildung Academie, a bottom-up education programme led by students which aims, among other things, to provide academic students the opportunity to learn about empathy.

Koen Wessels recently finished his research master in educational sciences at the University of Utrecht and is, next to his work as a junior researcher in Utrecht University, one of the initiaters of De Bildung Academie in Amsterdam. In the academy, among other tasks, Koen has a leading role in answering the following questions: what is the educational vision of De Bildung Academie, and how can this vision be translated to the educational program the academy offers? One of the central themes that constitute good university education according to Koen, and the Bildung academie, is empathy.

Sietse de Kok is both a student of philosophy and economy at the University of Amsterdam. Inspired by his mother who works in psychiatric healthcare, he’s looking for ways to bring students closer to the parts of society they generally do not meet. In the educational program “Money” he is developing at De Bildung Academie, students learn from and discuss with people ranging from the heavily indebted to CEO’s of banks, from social workers to the most renowned scientists, all related to the theme “Money”.


November 28, 2015
How to make empathy a central element in education
12:55  -  13:30
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